Why Homeowners Outside Florence's Path Should Check Their Insurance

As Hurricane Florence nears the U.S. East Coast, it’s a good time for homeowners outside its projected path to check their insurance coverage. Now upgraded to a Category 4, Florence is expected to bring damaging winds, heavy rainfall and life-threatening storm surges when it arrives on the Southeast and mid-Atlantic coastlines on Thursday.

It’s too late for homeowners in its path to make any changes to their insurance, but people in other hurricane-prone areas should use this as a reminder that the next big storm could be headed their way.

It’s a big risk not to have sufficient coverage if you live in an area prone to storms. As many past hurricane victims know, it only takes on major weather event to seriously damage - or destroy - your home.

Most people fail to read their insurance contract to understand what’s covered and what’s not, and they they’re surprised after an event when they discover that they have little to no coverage. It’s important not to wait until a storm hits the horizon as there could be a lag between when you first decide to get it and when it takes effect; and once a storm has been named, forget about it.

Here are some tips for making sure you’re prepared if the next storm heads your way:

  • Check your deductible

  • Prepare for flooding

  • Renters are vulnerable, too

  • Safeguard your documents

  • Consider flood insurance, even if you aren’t in a high-risk flood zone

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