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What is a “Qualifying Life Event”? CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE LIST

Plan Option #1 - “HDHP13” (HMO High-Deductible Plan): Click Here for Full Plan Details HDHP13

Plan Option #2 - “HDHP01” (HMO High-Deductible Plan): Click Here for Full Plan Details HDHP01

Plan Option#3 - “DHMO11” (HMO Deductible Plus Out-Of-Network Benefit): Click Here for Full Plan Details DHMO11

Plan Option #4 - “Flex D” (Hybrid PPO/HMO Plan): Click Here for Full Plan Details Flex D

Plan Options & Monthly Premium Overview:



CALL: Benefits Service Center: 1-855-363-0839

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  2. Receive a link to choose plan options/add dependents online

  3. Provide billing information for monthly premium payments

EMAIL:   benefits@harbour-insurance.com

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  2. You will receive a secure email to provide your personal information in order to set up online enrollment portal



Q&A Video with Kaiser (Session #1): CLICK HERE

Q&A Video with Kaiser (Session #2): CLICK HERE

Kaiser Permanente Network Overview:

1.       Signature – All plan offerings include access to Kaiser Permanente’s Signature Network. With this network, you receive services from over 1,500 physicians who practice in our medical centers located in Maryland, Virginia & Washington DC. Please visit https://thrive.kaiserpermanente.org/care-near-mid-atlantic to search Signature facilities

2.       Contracted – Available under the “Flex D” plan, the Contracted network includes a host of carefully-chosen physicians in order to provide extended access to care in addition to the Signature network. Please visit www.multiplan.com/kpmas to search all participating facilities in the Contracted network

3.       Out-Of-Network – There is an “out-of-network” benefit included under the “DHMO Plus” and “Flex D” plans. Under the DHMO Plus plan, participants will have access to all Signature network providers plus an additional 10 visits per plan-year to facilities considered to be “out-of-network”. The Flex D plan does not limit the number of visits to the out-of-network facilities but does have separate deductibles and limits for visits to those facilities 

Disclaimer: CENTURY 21 New Millennium and their affiliates’ role is limited to facilitating access to these Kaiser Permanente insurance plans; the plans are managed by Kaiser Permanente and all issues or questions related to management of the plan should be directed to them. In considering your options, you should also consider other plans that may be available to you – which health plan is best for you is a decision only you can make.